The last 40 years have seen increasing levels of scrutiny on the state of financing party political activity in the UK, and the 21st century has seen an unprecedented amount of public domain data around political funding. Yet major questions still remain about the nature, efficacy, and extent of different kinds of funding. 

During the current parliament, I have produced papers examining different aspects of the funding of each party - " 'Every Treasurer of the Party Has Gone to the Lords, and I Hope I Don't Set a Precedent by Being the First Who Doesn't': Conservative Party Treasurers and Peerages, 1986-2016" (2016), examining the role of Conservative Party Treasurer, and Show Me the Money: A Study of the Efficacy of Donations and Spending on Lib Dem Seats at the 2015 General Election (2016), scrutinising Lib Dem donations and spending. I am currently working on a paper around Labour Party funding.