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Shortlisted for the Royal Historical Society’s 2018 Whitfield Prize, for the best book on British or Irish history by a first-time author.

“A fascinating forensic study of the period’s networks of power" Ian Hislop, Editor, Private Eye

“We are in Seth Thévoz's debt for this splendid book, at once a scholarly work and an insider's account” Prof Eugenio Biagini, Cambridge University

“Presenting a wealth of new evidence, he has produced a tour de force of scholarship” Dr Piers Brendon, author, The Decline and Fall of the British Empire

“Skilful presentation as well as uniquely well-informed content” Sir Peter Newsam, former Director of the Institute of Education, London University

“Magisterial” Dr Sunny Singh, Chair of the Authors’ Club and novelist

"Seth Thévoz has undertaken the most comprehensive and rational analysis of the part clubs played and how they were enabled to do so. He has demystified some of the aura that Trollope and Disraeli tried to create around clubland." - Journal of Liberal History

“Dr Thévoz's scholarly and readable book is an outstanding and important contribution to our understanding of politics in nineteenth century Britain.” - Sherlock Holmes Journal

“Compelling and detailed” David Palfreyman, London's Pall Mall Clubs (Oxford, 2019).

I have also served as a research assistant on five books, including the #1 bestseller Prannoy Roy and Dorab R. Sopariwala, The Verdict: Decoding India’s Elections (New Delhi: Penguin India, 2019), and Michael Crick, Sultan of Swing: The Life of David Butler (London: Biteback, 2018). Further details of these books (including reviews, and author testimonials on my input) can be found on my “Editorial“ page.

Book Chapters

[The chapter is] “rather amazing . . . provides a good statistical analysis of the heyday of the Whig party in the aftermath of the Reform Bill, during which the aristocratic dominance of the Whigs was gradually transmogrified into a broader liberalism.” The Spectator.

Working Papers

“a groundbreaking study with profound implications for the country’s democracy”, The Observer.

“a comprehensive analysis”, Daily Telegraph.

“a new, exhaustive study”, Daily Mail.

“the most detailed cross-party examination into peerages that has ever been conducted”,The National.

“an academic spotlight on donations and peerages”, Michael White, The Guardian.

“Mell, Radford and Thevoz . . . have taken one of the oldest scandals in Britain, and tied it to modern concern about the power of the wealthy to manipulate government. They used the techniques of the investigative journalist to find how the parties’ nominees for the peerage donate through shell companies, holding companies, wholly owned subsidiaries, spouses and children. Then they used the techniques of the academic statisticians to analyse their findings”, Nick Cohen, The Observer

“What very British coyness [in the paper’s findings].” Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, The Independent.

 “An ambitious project…an exhaustive study…What they discovered was groundbreaking.” Martin Williams, Parliament Ltd.: A Journey to the Dark Heart of British Politics (London: Hodder & Stoughton, 2016), p. 175.

(Further positive coverage of the paper was to be found in numerous other outlets including the Daily Mirror, the Herald Scotland, the Huffington Post, Shout Out UK, and by George Monbiot in The Guardian.)

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles - Published/Accepted

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles - In Preparation/ In Peer Review

  • “Defeat in Dundee: Winston Churchill and the 1922 general election” (forthcoming article, submitted to Scottish Historical Review and currently implementing suggested revisions from the peer review).

  • (co-written with Alec Corio) “Defending the Protestant principles of the constitution: the National Club, 1845-55” (forthcoming article for Historical Research).

  • “The Experiences of Women Rhodes Scholars, 1970-1989: A Commentary Upon the Breakdown of Gender Barriers” (article in the final stages of completion, written as part of my Junior Research Fellowship with the Rhodes Project).

  • “Local Political Clubs and Constituency Electoral Politics, 1885-1910” (forthcoming article co-written with Luke Blaxill, research still in progress, for submission to Historical Journal).



"Like everything [Thévoz] writes, it is worth reading." Jonathan Calder, Liberal England

"some incredible detail on one of the most dramatic stories of last year’s election...thorough interrogation" Adam Ramsay, Co-Editor, OpenDemocracyUK

"Complete nonsense! Complete nonsense!" Former Lib Dem leader Sir Nick Clegg

(Coverage in The Guardian.)




(Coverage in the Daily Telegraph.)

"very interesting...It’s worth reading the whole thing...helps to explode the myth that so many seats were lost because the Tories persuaded huge numbers of Lib Dem voters to switch." Nick Barlow, What You Can Get Away With

(Coverage in The Independent.)

Edited Pamphlets

From 2015-2017, I was also Editor of the 'Long Reads' pamphlet series run by the Social Liberal Forum: