MPs and their clubs: I've released my data!

One of the major underpinnings of both my PhD thesis, and my recent book Club Government, was a database I compiled. It lists the complete known club memberships of all 2,588 British Members of Parliament who sat between 1832 and 1868. This took over a year of painstaking research, drawing upon over 50 print and archival sources. (They're listed in the Appendix of Club Government, should anyone be curious.)

I'm a great believer in open access to data wherever possible; and so I've decided to make my database publicly available for others to use. It's published on my website, on the page here (along with a rather lengthy explanatory note from an appendix to my PhD, on the methodology used in identifying MPs' party labels). 

You're very welcome to use it in any way you wish. All I would ask is that if you're going to use it, please give an attribution. A lot of midnight oil was burned to produce this resource!